Saturday, 13 June 2009

Garden time

It's hard to imagine that this time last year I was laboring over my small field in Japan. Harder still to imagine that anything grew at all, battling again typhoons, immense heat waves, my neglect and of course, ubiquitous pests.

And yet! Potatoes abounded, parsley grew rampant, sunflowers cascaded, and Monica's dahlia's distracted from the ever-invasive couch grass.

One year later, the dry heat of Victoria sitting around 25 degrees, I am at it again, somewhat self-congratulatory that with no more than a sprinkle here and there of seeds, a routine of nightly watering, the garden flourishes!

A small sort of accomplishment, but one that leaves me gazing with infatuations at other peoples gardens these days... oh to rototille a small plot of land, rip up some sod and lay down a garden that (imagine this!) you could live on! (call me old fashioned, I know; the store is a five minutes away...)

Here in Victoria there has been a resurgence of "home-grown." Food that is not only grown locally, but food that is LOCAL. Food that was here before lawns and gardens transcended them. Believe it or not, Progressives are going so far as to eliminate lawns all together-- devotion to the garden revives!

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