Tuesday, 16 June 2009

100-mile challenge

All this gardening has me thinking about where food comes from. And so it is that I've decided to take up the 100-mile diet.

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I first heard about the challenge while working at Russell Books and finally had a chance to watch the show last night. I'm hooked!

I've unconsciously been taking initiatives to buy locally, but want to take it to the next level.

1. Having a garden has made me realize how incredible things taste when they are fresh.

2. Allergies: nowadays there is soy in almost everything! It is the new wonder food/oil. It is even in the tea we drink. Local food means local knowledge. I think it will be easier to monitor what I'm eating (especially if it comes from my own backyard!)

3. Fun! I think the challenge of maintaining my usual diet with local products is going to be an incredible challenge, one which the historian in me is rearing to unleash! To me it is a detective story: where am I going to find local olive oil!

4. Fresh, fresh, fresh: I met a man once who knew apples like the Queen knows tea. As we wandered through Seattle's Farmers market he pointed out where each apple was from, when it has likely been picked, and how it got its fabulous colour. Finally he picked out an Okanogan apple and said "this will be the best thing you ever ate." Without a doubt I was converted to localism-- that was the best apple I have eaten to this day.

Ergo my enthusiasm for the 100-mile diet, and my determination to stay as local as I can.

Who's with me?

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