Monday, 10 December 2007

Some Day my Prince Will Come...

Hypothetically speaking… if one were to lose ones shoes in downtown Kochi… where might they look for them??

This was the question I proposed to my coworkers Monday morning.

“How can you lose your shoes?” They asked, demanding the full story. I was mortified, but told them the following tale:

It was the night of the Chobitto Amateur Film Festival. The sun set over the western skies casting an eerie glow over Kochi city, portending the loss of shoes that was to come. I was called by the film festival coordinator, requesting that I be the official videographer of the evening. Flattered, how could I refuse? So I set off to Kochi City to capture my good friend Matt become transformed into a geisha.

As I was filming, a Japanese man turned to me and said "anata wa kimoni ga kini ite kureru..." or something to the effect. Flattered that he thought I would look beautiful in a kimono I could think of nothing to say, because it was the sort of ambiguous comment that also deserved a reserved silence. But his next comment was more clarifying. "We will put you in a kimono because you will look beautiful in it."

Well, what could I say? I was briskly swept away (kidnapped is more accurate) and two hours later arrived at the film festival... not me!

I was a bit traumatized and overwhelmed, but excited to spend the evening as someone other than me (ie. demur and refined). Thus it was that, in amongst running from the balcony camera to the side stage camera, I obediently played the part of puppet the rest of the night ("stand here" "move your arm… yes, yes, like that") and enjoyed (?) being generally objectified. It was amazing to see what people felt comfortable doing to and with me, dressed like that.

Well, after all the madness I still had to do my job as film and so a drink was due to me when all was said and done.

First, however, I was transported back to the kimono shop, stripped and left to my own devices, which turned out to be a sexy black dress and red heels (note: these are magic red heels. Every time I wear them wonderful times ensue)

My friend (wife) Aki and I then headed downtown to meet the Post-Oscar Party-goers. The events that ensued are hazy; not because I was inebriated (yet), but because there was such a whirlwind of activity and festivity that I was a bit dizzy having been lost in the midst of it. In the end we danced the night away and late in the night... no ... early the following morning we (Casey, Kalen, Nick and I) wandered the streets of Kochi in search of a shelter.

All I can say is that with three men aiding me, I should not have lost my precious magic red heels. And yet....

Alas... they are in limbo somewhere between my having a good time in them and waking up the next day feeling the effects of that good time...

Where have I heard this story before…?

… a far away kingdom..
… the night of a party…
… transformed into a … Japanese woman…
… lost shoes!

Oh! We all know what comes next!

It is all so apparent to me now! … The man of my dreams will present my red heels before me, sweep my on to his horse and ride off with me into the sunset…


And they lived happily ever after…


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