Monday, 5 November 2007

Wish List

What with the upcoming holidays, and all the fun and madness that ensues, a "wish list" request has been made. So here it goes (from small to big ;) )

- Stickers! Any stickers are great.
The kids love them more than i can even put into words. Especially the really weird ones "Obeika!" (ie. how Western!). But the smiley faces are a raging success as well as Christmas themed ones for the upcoming season :)

- Smarties and other lovely Canadian candies - especially Jelly Beans! oh, and oh henry!
(Monica and I are making Gingerbread houses, so the more fun stuff the merrier!)

- Denman Island dark chocolate

- Tazu Tea

- Tim Horton's hot chocolate mix! mmmm

- chocolate chips!!! (they just dont make em here like they do back home!)

- "Decadent" cookies or Chunks Ahoy

- long sleeved t-shirts (size M), sweaters, or anything!

- magazines- anything from teen mags to cooking would be great!

-on the heavier end of things... Books! English books pleaseeeeeee!
- Sophies World
- Time Travelers Wife
- Bill Bryson literature
- The art of motorcycle maintenance
- the last harry potter
- Abe Kobo literature (The ruined map, the face of another)
- Salinger's, Zooey and Franny

- movies- especially animation for the junior high kids, new movies that we cant get here yet; The red violin, A Christmas story, Home Alone.... Shrek

I can't think of anything else now, but will keep an update on the list!


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